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Acura Radio/GPS Anti-Scratch, Anti-Dust Screen Protectors

Acura has a reputation for automotive excellence. If you own an Acura, you’ll want to protect your investment by using a screen protector for your console system. The screen protectors will help to protect this central unit from scratches and other damages that can occur by accidentally brushing your keys against the screen, hitting it with a glass or bottle, or your children hitting it with toys when they are in the car. Even small scratches can add up over time so that you cannot see the screen very clearly, making it difficult for you to get GPS directions, navigate your satellite radio, or manage other controls for your car. The small investment of the screen protector can safeguard your larger investment and help you to maintain the value of your car. Shop for screen protectors by model to find the one that is right for your car.

Clarivue is widely recognized as the industry leader in the mobile device screen protection industry, with protective accessories machined to perfectly fit most smartphones, and tablets. We take our protective duties a step further than that, with a line of high quality screen protectors for the dashboard screens on many of today's automotive lines, like our collection of protective covers for the Acura electronics. Applying a screen protector for your Acura's on-board computer just makes sense, as it not only keeps the aesthetic quality of your vehicle like new, but also helps maintain your car's resale value.

Choose from one of the Acura model lines below to get started. We design screen protectors for the MDX and RDX series, as well as the RL, the TL and the sporty Acura TSX. Each screen protector is extremely easy to apply, and delivers superior anti-scratch and anti-dust protection. Available in Ultra-Clear or Anti-Glare finishes, there's always a perfect fit for your Acura and your style. See individual product descriptions for detailed specifications, and if you have any questions on Clarivue's line of Acura screen protectors, we welcome your call at 1-888-604-0011.