Apple iPhone 3G 3GS

Best Apple iPhone 3G 3Gs Screen Protectors

"Twice as fast, for half the price" was the motto the iPhone 3G/3GS ran by. The iPhone 3 is internally similar to its predecessor but included in it was a few hardware improvements. This included 3G availability, assisted GPS, push e-mail, as well as turn-by-turn navigation. The iPhone 3 was also introduced with the new iPhone OS 2.0 at the time. This new operating system allowed the introduction the Apple's new distribution platform for third-party applications now know as the App store. Even though the iPhone 3G/3GS is 'twice as fast, for half the price" one would not want to purchase another phone due to damage. Clarivue's iPhone 3G/3GS Screen protectors offers the first line and the strongest line of defense, there are many different advantages in each line to offer top notch protection at all times and situations.