Apple iPod Touch Generation 3

Best Apple iPod Touch 3 Screen Protectors

The 3rd Generation of iPod touch still has the same width and height as an iPhone, but is slightly slimmer and weights similar. Able to be obtained with 64GB of storage which is enough to hold up to 14,000 songs or about 80 hours of video, uniquely enough the iPod Touch arrives charged. The iPod touch also holds many of the capabilities of a smart phone, essentially a small computer in your pockets. With Google maps available but without GPS support, however with a WI-FI connection that should be no problem. The battery is capable of 30 hours of audio playback, movies at 6 hours, and internet browsing all at 4 hours. The battery will be charged up to 80% surprisingly with only 2 hours of charging. Sleeker designs, better performance, the same qualities reside with Clarivue Screen Protectors as well. High quality and performance screen protectors will be found here at Clarivue Screen Protectors.