Blackberry 9930 Bold

Premium Blackberry Bold 9930 Screen Protectors

Introduced with as a sophisticated design the BlackBerry Bold 9930 sits in your palms as though extensive testing of the phone was based just to have full comfort in the palms of your hands. While in the midst of your hands the BlackBerry Bold 9930 is powered with a battery which provides excellent long lasting life. Powering the 1.2GHz processor the BlackBerry Bold 9930 is able to navigate the web quickly and efficiently as well as run many applications with no problems. Available with an MicroSD slot which allows an expansion of up to 32GB and having included already a 8GB boost of space, compliments from BlackBerry. Clarivue Screen Protectors will be another compliment to add to your phone as protection will be ensured against scratches, scrapes and even drops. Clarivue Screen Protectors also offer lifetime-warranty as well as free shipping with all the different lines of protection from the anti-flare to the privacy finish.