HTC One X+

Quality HTC One X+ Screen Protectors

The HTC One X+ sports a very slim, light and white outer casing design, revealing its prominent beauty with its flashy sleek curves. Clocked at 1.5GGHz and partnered with 1Gb of RAM it is able to easily surf the web, watch videos, and run apps easily which are all enhanced by Beats Audio. Coming with 32GB of space it will be able to store much of the data a smart phone user will require. Equipped with a 720p 4.7inch display with a pixel density of 316ppi, the HTC One X+ will display pictures and videos with bright, vivid, and clear colors. Clarivue Screen Protectors is able to protect such remarkable specs of the HTC One X+ with its strong, durable, and reliable screen protectors. Clarivue Screen Protectors are designed to absorb scratches and scrapes with no trauma actually reaching the phone.