Motorola MB886 Atrix HD

Best Motoroal Atrix HDScreen Protectors

Available at a good price with a large and bright LCD screen at 4.5inch's as well as 720p resolution is the Motorola Atrix HD. Equipped with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich when starting out it is capable of running apps and multimedia programs quickly and efficiently with its fast processor. This particular smart phone has a slim and sleek design with a 5 megapixel camera and a front facing camera. Included with the phone interestingly is a HDMI port which can be used for video playback. Of course with any slim and sleek designed phone it is crucial to protect the device. Clarivue Screen protectors are able to offer a different variety of screens that range from having a bit of extra privacy to a stylish mirror-like finish. Regardless of the line or style chosen Clarivue Screen Protectors will always exceptionally strong resistance to scratches, scrapes and even drops. Coming with such an amazing package is also the benefit of free shipping as well as lifetime warranty with any non-custom product.