Nokia Lumia 900

Best Nokia Lumia 900Screen Protectors

With its amazing AMOLED screen the Nokia Lumia 900 comes running in. With its fast processor and amazing LTE Speeds the Lumia 900 from Nokia stands out from many phones. The Nokia 900 has a distinct and premium design that no other phones currently have, being able to be distinguished from a crowd of phones easily. The Lumia 900 comes with an elegant OS as well as having 25GB of cloud storage it is also capable of off/online GPS navigation. With all these features it Nokia has managed to throw in a 2 day battery life as well. In order for the Lumia 900 to remain distinguished from its counterparts it is crucial to preserve the phone from damage. Clarivue Screen Protectors offer different types of lines in order to protect your precious devices. Clarivue's products are strong and durable and all have an amazing resistance to scratches, scrapes and even drops.