Samsung B5510 Galaxy Y Pro

Samsung B5510 Galaxy Y Pro Screen Protectors

The Samsung B5510 Galaxy Y Pro is broken down into 3 parts is essentially a simple, perfect, and cheap smart phone. The keyboard is very responsive and easy to use as well as the phone being quick on its feet and never slowing down to the average user. With curved and sleek edges with a stylish black finishing the Galaxy Y Pro seems to fit right into your hand as well as your pocket. But being in the pocket may be a possible place of foreign materials damaging your phone. With Clarivue Screen Protectors protecting against scratches will be a simple task. With the ultra-clear your phone will be repelling damage as if it had an invisible shield applied to it. Clarivue Screen Protectors are a dry application which only leaves the benefit of no residue left behind when exchanging for a new one.