Samsung B5722

Samsung B5722 Screen Protectors

The Samsung B5722 is truly a unique phone coming in with duo sim card slots. Being a small and efficient phone with its focus seemingly business wise with the ability to swap in domestic sim cards and in the next instant switch off to an international sim card. The Samsung B5722 is capable of switching simcards instantly with a press of a button, saving the trouble of restarting the phone every time a card has been switched out. The cost of the Samsung B5722 is fairly cheap on budget as well. Clarivue Screen Protectors are not only cheap but very reliable in protecting your device from scratches to drops or even everyday wear and tear. All screen protectors offered from Clarivue Screen Protectors are scratch resistant as well as each line having a specific advantage for example our Anti-Glare screen protectors will give your device a matte finish that will not leave any oil smudges or fingerprints.