Samsung B7722

Samsung B7722 Screen Protectors

For those who are interested in operation a phone with the capabilities of using 2 sim cards at once the Samsung B7722 is completely able to do such a task. With 2 sim cards one is able to simply switch between domestic and international, making this a sought phone in the business world. The Samsung B7722 is a light phone that fits into your hand well due to its smaller design but it does have a unique left and right handed operation. If the setting it changed to left hand the slide would be switched to the left side, and so on for the right side. The phone is also built to be durable as well, the plastic covering does not creek or crack and has a very firm and solid feel when held. Clarivue Screen Protectors also follow this trait of being durable and strong. Capable of resisting against scratches, scrapes, even drops regardless of which line chosen from Clarivue Screen Protectors. Certain lines also offer special types of styles as well, for example the privacy screen protector will offer protection from those whom may want to pry away at your device but at the same time retaining all its protective properties against damage at the same time.