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Best Apple iPhone 5S Screen Protectors
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The Apple iPhone 5 updates the popular smartphone to iOS 6, bringing with it a gorgeous 4-inch retina display on a 16:9 widescreen resolution. As the first model to support LTE, the iPhone 5 operates at even faster network speeds than its 4S predecessor. Fortunately, Clarivue offers five separate screen protectors to keep your investment safe. Try our anti-glare film for a sleek matte finish, or upgrade to the XT Glass for the absolute maximum in protection for your iPhone 5.

After eagerly anticipating clutching a new iPhone 5s in your hands, the most disheartening experience in the world is watching it shatter on the ground. Stop this heartbreak from ever happening by purchasing protective accessories from Clarivue.

Clarivue sells some of the most cutting-edge protective screens in the entire industry. Whether you just need a clear protective screen to prevent smudges, a protective barrier to keep the sun away from your usage needs or a screen that doubles as a mirror when your iPhone 5s is not in use, find it at Clarivue.

Clarivue also has the back and body of your iPhone 5s covered with some of the most awesome cases on the market. Choose from basic and utilitarian cases that accent your phone's finest features or more stylish cases that give your device a touch of class.

Do not take a chance of letting your iPhone 5s' glass screen or glass back shatter. Check out the different protection products from Clarivue to keep your device working until the next update.