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Apple Watch 38mm XT-Glass Screen Protector
Part Number XT-Apple-Watch-38mm
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  • 1 x XT-Glass screen protector per pack
  • Designed for Apple Watch 38mm
  • Made of High Density Tempered Glass
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Exact Fit

Exact Fit

Our Apple Watch 38mm XT-Glass screen protectors are cut to fitcovering the maximum flat surface of your device and not just the screen.

Fast Installation

Fast & Easy Installation

Our screen protectors are easy to install and will automatically adhere by static once positioned in place. These are easier to install than film based protectors due to the rigid construction. Please note: they must be applied to a clean surface and any small bubbles will go away within 48 hours.

Scratch Resistant

Scratch Resistant

We promise to protect your device from the wears and tears of daily life with our scratch resistant coating. All of our XT Glass is a mere 0.3mm thick and have rock-solid 9H rating on the hardness scale.

No Sticky Residue

High Quality Adhesive

Our Apple Watch 38mm screen protectors utilizes a high quality adhesive tape ensuring zero gaps between the edges of your device and the glass itself.



Our special oleophobic top coating resists fingerprints and oil that leaves your screen clearer and cleaner than ever before.

The XT Glass screen protectors is our premium line of quality protection that is made out of tempered glass. This toughened glass does not break as easily similar to a car's windshield. The XT Glass screen protector is thicker than regular screen protectors and offers more protection. Clarivue XT Glass screen protectors offer scratch resistant protection for your screen while staying almost invisible. Our screen protectors do not distort the image quality while offering an oil and fingerprint resistant surface.

Installation Step 1 Step 1.

Clean and remove any dust or dirt on your screen with the specially designed cleaning cloth found inside your package.

Installation Step 2 Step 2.

Peel back the label marked number 1. Try to avoid touching the backing so your screen protector stays clean and fingerprint-free.

Installation Step 3 Step 3.

Align the film to the corner of your screen. Then, while holding it in place, slowly apply the screen protector.

Installation Step 4 Step 4.

Peel back the label marked number 2. As long as there's no dust or dirt underneath, any bubbles should disappear in about 48 hours.

  • Exact fit for your device
  • Smooth finish
  • Custom Orders Available
  • Transparent with no clarity loss
  • Scratch resistance coating
  • Non-adhesive backing & No sticky residue
  • Exact fit for your device
  • Anti-Glare, Anti-Finger print
  • Custom Orders Available
  • Scratch resistance coating
  • Non-adhesive backing & No sticky residue
  • Exact fit for your device
  • Scratch resistance coating
  • Custom Orders Available
  • Non-adhesive backing & No sticky residue
  • Privacy feature, screen non-visible when viewed from angle
  • Exact fit for your device
  • Smooth finish
  • Custom Orders Available
  • Scratch resistance coating
  • Non-adhesive backing & No sticky residue
  • Mirror feature, screen turns to mirror when off
  • - Is the screen protector an exact fit?
  • Yes, all of Clarivue screen protectors are specifically designed to fit each model, there is no cutting or modifying needed. The Screen Protector will be slightly smaller than the actual screen to avoid bubbles.
  • - Will the screen protector move once it is applied on the screen?
  • No, once the screen protector is applied to the screen, it will not slide or move.
  • - How do I remove the screen protector once it is applied?
  • You can remove the screen protector by applying a piece of scotch tape at one of the corners of the screen protector, and then slowly lift the tape along with the screen protector.
  • - How much is shipping and handling?
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