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Barnes & Noble Nook Screen Protectors & Covers

Barnes & Noble has created the Nook tablet as a worthy competitor to the Kindle and to other tablets and e-readers on the market. The device relies on a vibrant display to provide you the exceptional experience it has to offer. Protecting the screen is essential to preserving the device and the experience you have with it. Clarivue sells screen protectors that fit the basic Nook, the Nook Color, the Nook HD+ and the Nook HD 7. The screen protectors are designed to fit the exact model, ensuring that every inch of your screen will be protected. You’ll reduce the risk of surface scratches (which can accumulate over time, creating a big problem), as well as more serious cracks. By buying this simple accessory, you can protect your Nook and potentially save yourself a lot of money on repairs or on replacing the tablet.