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Become an Affiliate

Affiliate Step 1
Sign up for the clarivue affiliate program. Refer another person to buy from clarivue.com
Affiliate Step 2
People follow the link to our site.
Affiliate Step 3
Earn 20% on every purchase made through your website.

Unsurpassed Commissions Unsurpassed Commissions

Earn 20% on every purchase made through your website.

Quality and Quantity Quality and Quantity

A massive selection for every device ensures protection for everyone.

Bonus Incentives Bonus Incentives

First time affiliates earn a whopping 40% commission. (first 30 days)

Personalized Banner Ads Personalized Banner Ads

At your request, we'll build a custom banner ad to fit your site's design.

24/7 Tracking 24/7 Tracking

Track and manage your sales, any time, anywhere.

Customer Service Customer Service

Second to none, with a guaranteed lifetime warranty.


What is the Clarivue Affiliate Program?

Simply put, when you refer another person to buy from Clarivue.com, weíll pay you 20% of anything they purchase in our online store. If they spend $100, youíve just made $20. Itís the perfect way to supplement your income, especially if you run a blog or website of your own.

Why Clarivue?

Because Clarivue features screen protectors for the widest possible range of devices in four distinct finishes. We sell stylish, versatile cases for all of the leading smartphones. We can even custom cut screen protectors, made to order to our customerís specifications.
The average Clarivue.com purchase is roughly $30 USD. We are a company built on quality, and the Clarivue Affiliate Program reflects that.

How it Works

When you sign up for the Clarivue Affiliate Program, youíll be given a custom tracking code that links any purchases made through right back to you. Register your account through our ShareASale link and youíll be good to go.
Every purchase referred through your account earns you a 20% commission. As a bonus for new affiliates, first time referrals earn a whopping 40% commission. Thatís almost HALF our income! You can easily track your sales through ShareASale.com, 24 hours a day. Youíll know who made a purchase, when they made it, and how much money youíve earned. Get started today! Join the Clarivue Affiliate Program.

Become an Affiliate