Google HD Tempered Glass Screen Protector Cover

XT-Glass Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Google Devices

Clarivue has earned a reputation for being the company to call when you want your devices protected by the most cutting edge tech and materials possible, without all the cutesy stuff you get at the fly-by-night cellphone case companies. This doesn't mean that we sacrifice style and aesthetics, it just means that you'll find artistic designs and fashionable device protection without the Hello Kitty or other kid's stuff getting in the way.

If you own an LG Google Nexus 4, you're playing with some serious technology, and you want to keep that device protected against anything you might run into out there. That's where our HD glass screen protector comes in. This isn't a super-thin piece of film, it is a custom cut piece of tempered glass. Easy to install and affords your device the absolute maximum impact protection the Google screen can get, with the added bonus of making your screen extremely fingerprint-resistant. Click below to order yours today, or call out toll-free number, 888-604-0011, for immediate assistance.