LG HD Tempered Glass Screen Protector Cover
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LG XT-Glass Tempered Glass Screen Protector Covers from Clarivue

If you own an LG smartphone, either the Google Nexus 4 or the Optimus G2, it's obvious that you judge a device on its merits, rather than the logo it wears. The LG phones have a wide range of features that the iPhone or the Blackberry models just can't match, and you definitely want to keep your phone safe and in mint condition for as long as humanly possible. At Clarivue, we've mastered the art of phone protection, and carry an excellent selection of LG screen protectors designed just for you.

Our toughest screen protector is the XT Glass series, which is now available for the LG series of smartphones. Made from high density glass with protective film on both sides, it provides the highest possible level of collision and impact protection for your favorite mobile device. It is also highly resistant to fingerprints and provides an outstanding optical quality in any sort of lighting. Our XT glass screen protectors are machined to the most demanding standards, so you always get a perfect fit and super easy installation every time. Choose your LG phone model below to get started, and if you need any assistance, we always enjoy speaking with our customers at 1-888-604-0011.