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Motorola XT Tempered Glass Screen Protector Cover

Motorola Tempered XT-Glass Screen Protector

Keeping the screen on your Motorola Moto X in pristine condition requires a bit of care. Our selection of glass protectors keeps your screen in perfect condition. They have a number of benefits when compared to traditional screen protectors. They are easier to install, and when applied to a clean screen, tiny bubbles between the screen and the protector disappear.

This selection of screen protectors includes models designed to cover the entire flat surface of the front of your phone, not just the screen. This provides maximum protection to your Moto X. They are made of durable, scratch-resistant glass, and they are also resistant to fingerprints. Glass screen protectors are precisely engineered to fit the Moto X perfectly while providing durable protection against damage. This extends the life of your phone and helps to protect your investment. With a glass screen protector, you can be sure that your Moto X will remain in flawless condition despite rigorous use.