Samsung ATIV Smart PC 500T

Samsung Ativ Smart PC 500T Screen Protectors

The ATIV Smart PC 500T is a Windows 8 tablet even though it does have the "PC" in it. Very light and not too large it is capable of being exceptionally portable. With the power to run many applications at the same time including Photoshop to Microsoft Word and Excel without slowing down. When docked, the Ativ Smart PC 500T is completely capable of turning into a laptop and being equipped with a everlasting battery of up to 8 hours it is exceptionally convenient. Clarivue Screen Protectors not only offer convenience but reliable and durable products to ensure your device is properly protected at all times. Regardless of the ultra-clear, privacy, mirror, or even the anti-glare line that you may choose from Clarivue Screen Protectors your device will be in safe hands.