Samsung N7100 Galaxy Note 2

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Screen Protectors

Samsung N7100 Galaxy Note 2 Screen Protectors

Your smartphone takes care of you. Take care of it with Clarivue specialty screen protectors for maximum protection of its most expensive part. Available in a variety of styles to fit your need, these screen protectors are easy to install and leave no sticky residue. Clarivue styles include an ultra-clear protector for basic warranted protection, or a matte-finish, anti-glare protector for easy outdoor viewing. Try the four-way privacy protection, and get the privacy you need in crowded areas. Choose a sleek mirror finish to give your phone extra style. For added protection and clarity, choose an ultra-thin, high-density, tempered-glass screen protector to cover the entire flat surface of your phone. The treated glass resists fingerprints and oils, keeping your viewing surface clean and clear. All of Clarivue's device screen protectors provide a scratch-resistant coating to protect your phone from everyday wear and tear. No matter which smartphone you use, cover it with Clarivue.

The Samsung Galaxy Note II is the first Samsung phone to use Jelly Bean 4.1, with a massive storage capacity of up to 128 GB. As a bridge between smartphone and tablet, the Note 2's "phablet" is easily among the best, with a size that allows users the use of a stylus in a pocket's portability. And good news! Clarivue has screen protectors custom cut to protect the Note 2's entire display, from crystal Ultra-Clear film to our sleek Mirror finish. Try Clarivue's Anti-Glare screen protector for a matte finish that'll keep your phone working in the sun all day long.