Samsung i9500 Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 Screen Protectors and Cases

Samsung i9500 Galaxy S4 Screen Protectors & Cases

If you own the Samsung Galaxy S4, you know just how powerful an Android smartphone can be. With a whopping 13 megapixel camera, 4.99" inch display, and 1080p resolution, the Galaxy S4 is simply one of the best cell phones on the market. Clarivue offers our full range of four unique screen protectors, including Ultra-Clear, Anti-Glare, Privacy, and Mirror finishes. Trust in Clarivue. Protect your investment.

Protect the life of your screen with screen protectors designed especially for the Samsung Galaxy S4. Discover all of the different ways to make your screen more functional as well as to keep it safe from scratches and smudges. Check out ultra-clear protectors that make your phone look like it doesn't even have one, or consider anti-glare protectors for time in the sun.

Screen protectors are easy to install and feature a scratch-resistant coating that protects your phone from damage and general wear and tear. The protectors adhere easily to your phone's screen through static without leaving a sticky residue. Available privacy screens protect your information and browsing habits by turning black when viewed from an angle.

Along with various privacy screen choices, Clarivue offers Samsung Galaxy S4 hard cases to protect your phone from every angle. Choose from basic black or white, or get a little fancy with wood grain cases. n that is free from discoloration.