TV Screen Protector Covers


If you're like most television owners, there's a good chance you're going to experience some wear and tear. Whether you're moving, hosting a party, or you've kids in the house, sometimes life's little accidents happen. Clarivue's TV Screen Protector Covers preserve your investment and keep your television or monitor looking sharp.

With a surface hardness more than ten times the impact strength of glass and forged from optical grade acrylic, these are some of the strongest protectors we make. Like your own personal bodyguard, Clarivue's TV Screen Protectors sit just in front of your display, keeping your screen and screen protector separate.

We offer two fool-proof solutions: one in Ultra-Clear and the other in Anti-Glare. They're easy to install and will fit just about any LCD, LED, or Plasma display. Our advice? Try the Ultra-Clear for smaller monitors and the Anti-Glare for larger TVs. And don't forget to measure your TV.